It's gonna take a while...

I got my new phone!! I was supposed to get it on Saturday...but they had none in stock....I got the Motorola because they didn't have the Nokia in stock and it was gonna take a long time for them to get some....and I can't live without a friends are already mad at me for not answering their texts and I got the Motorola. So far I like it a lot. I could do everything with my Ericsson blindfolded....It's gonna take a while till I get used to this one~ So far there is nothing in my phone. I need to upload some music...I'm so excited that I can use mp3s as ringtones...I wanna find some cute wallpapers too~~


open It's pretty big...but it's thin....I like big flip phones....notice my running shoes in the background...I'm so messy haha~~

I took this picture with my phone! I bought these shoes a couple of weeks ago from Aldo....I have them in black as well. They weren't that comfortable at first (the back would hurt me), but now they are super comfortable.