Drowning in Paperwork!!

Orientation went okay....personally I think it was a waste of time. I had to wake up really early which sucked cause I couldn't fall asleep. I went to bed at around 12 and was awake till four....played so many games of Tetris it's not funny.... I'm almost done with all the school forms.....I'm allergic to filling out forms.....ughhhh I hate it. But it must be done...so I have to suck it up.

I went shopping today at Forever 21. Didn't find as many things as I wanted, but I'm happy~

striped cardigan I desperately needed a cardigan like this....this one is nice and long~ It's still too hot to wear this...but at nights maybe?

floral top I loved this one....cause it's very light....and I can layer this with other things...

HELLO~ This sweatshirt is sooo comfy...the inside is very soft!

Alright....enough of this...gotta get back to the forms.. ughhhhhhhhhhhh~