what's up?

I'm at home waiting for my friend to get off work so we can go eat Pinkberry. Pinkberry has been the main constant in my summer. The amount of times I have gone there is too embarrassing to mention. And the amount of times I've said, "Yeah, yeah Yogurtland has all those flavors to choose from but Pinkberry just tastes a million times better..." is also reaching a ridiculous level. I always get the same thing: a medium original with raspberries and dark chocolate crisps. The people working there know me now....."Hey, did you get the same exact thing last time?! You were here like...two days ago, right?"... I've changed things up around here. I'm still in the process of fixing some things here and there but that will have to wait for now since my eyes are too tired to continue...and because it's time for me to go get my yogurt fix.


Here I am with my lovelies: Moussy & Trogdor (or Koko the II...haven't decided completely)