What happened to me?

I woke up from an earthquake today! Okay...so somehow this always ends up happening. It's not that I am purposely trying to neglect my blog...it's just that my life has been very hectic and confusing even though it is summer....and everything is supposed to be relaxing haha~

Last week was the Coldplay concert. I am not good with words....I can't really explain how good it was. Our seats were crappy (not my fault!!!) but we didn't care!!

 The drive to Vegas went well...cause I was asleep the whole time. It was really humid and hot though. My sister and I hate Vegas. HATE HATE that place. During the day...it's the ugliest place on Earth...and there is nothing fun to do...for me at least.

 So we got to our hotel room and we slept until an hour before the concert. Ran to the MGM and found our seats. The opening bands were ehhhh. The first one was a DJ (can't remember his name) and the second was a band called Shoe Runner...or Shoe Otter ?? I dunno....it was hard to hear the singer's mumbeling through all the boos. And then finally at around 9:30 Coldplay came on. They were really great. They played a couple of songs from each album. At one point they ran all the way to the back of the audience and sang a song from there~ I have a bunch of clips I took....they are really crappy...and I couldn't record whole songs.....but maybe I could show them to you anyway~

After the concert, my sister and I went back to our room and fell asleep. The car ride back from Vegas was hell. We left Vegas at around 2:30 and got back at 8:30. Traffic was horrible....and it was so hot. I am never going back to that place....unless there is something very very important going on.

Other than that....nothing really special has happened. I'm busy with school paper work...applying for scholarships and trying to get my orientation things ready. Ehh~

Mmmmmmm~ I hope you all have been well. And...again...I'm sorry for not writing anything in so long.