It's the first day of summer! Though it's been very summery for a long time! It's so hot today!!! Hi: 104° & Lo: 68° Today I recieved three Alerts cause it's soooooo hot.... I get so lazy when it's hot like this...I have trouble sleeping too. It's been very humid too...I hate humidity...I can stand dry heat, but not this. So...I haven't been up to much lately~ Just playing lots and lots of this heat...haha I'm stupid...i know. Been playing lots of tetris....drawing a little.....sleeping. I still think about my friend a lot~ Ahhhhh I feel like I'm in one of those girly mangas....he's always in the back of my mind no matter what I'm doing~


Here are some random oekaki drawings I did yesterday. Can you guess who the guy is??


I hope you guys are all well~