loloanimation01smallI'm aliveeeee. 3 days left. I have to be COMPLETELY done by 10 pm on Friday. They want us to have a good nights sleep before the review on Saturday so we don't sound like idiots while presenting from lack of sleep....although I have a feeling I'm gonna end up sounding stupid anyway. I dislike presenting very much. I'm not one to speak infront of crowds of people voluntarily but for five years, that's what I've been forced to do...and even though I've done it so much, I still dislike it. It's the wait that kills it for me....that nervousness building up. WHATEVER. ANYWAY. My uncle is hereeeee. My family went and picked him up from the airport earlier today while I was working. I drove over to my aunts house to visit him (that's where he's staying for now) for an hour before heading back to my work. I'm happy he's mom loves him very will be good for her to be with him. From all of her siblings, she is the closest to my uncle. It's a shame they have to be so far apart.

My sister crocheted me this scarf as a 'good luck' charm. The A/C blows right on my head in I'm either wearing a beanie/hoodie/or this scarf as a headwrap. I LIKE IT.


PS!!!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and encouragments. They are like doses of energy <3