So sore but so happy.

I've played tennis every single day this week and I have gone to the gym every other day...So I'm feeling good   but I'm really tired. I was gonna go to the gym today in the morning, but decided not too incase I'm playing again today. I just need to rest my body a bit. I am running comfortably ankle has's not the way it used to be, but I don't feel any pain when I'm running and jumping around. I'm sort of glad I twisted my ankle....I wasn't fun at all...I felt miserable and hopeless and angry...but it made me realize just how fragile the body is and how important it is to take care of yourself. Now when I'm playing, I feel so happy that I am able to play....makes me want to play more and more and more... I had a paper due today....glad to get that out of the way. Finals are almost here....half a week left. Not too worried, but I want to do well. Can't wait for summer to start~

The weather has been nice this week  Hopefully it won't start raining again this weekened!!!!!