Howl is cute

Been busy as always. Trying to get everything done...all the studying and assignments. Ahhh can't wait till summer. I know its gonna be here in no time...but I'm still~

I was watching Howl's Moving Castle for the 98656846 this movie...and I wanted to draw Howl...who I think is sooo handsome~ It's funny/sad how much cooler anime guys are than real life ones...ehhhhhhh~

And finally. I will be seeing Coldplay on the 19 of July in Las Vegas!!!!!!!!! I bought the tickets yesterday morning. It was pretty funny actually. I woke up...everyone was asleep. I noticed that my sister's laptop was on, so I went on to see if there were any tickets available. I bought the tickets and then went up to my parents and woke them up. I asked if we could go to Vegas on July 19th, and they just looked at me. My dad goes, "You bought the tickets, didn't you?" and I just nodded. He sighed and said, "I guess we are going to Vegas then" and then goes back to sleep.