I miss my childhood!!!

These two weeks were hell, but they are finally over! Monday I had an art history midterm and today I had a French test. I got an A on my French....my art history teacher is in Dallas, Texas, so I won't be getting the results back anytime soon. So on Sunday, my sister and I were reminiscing about our childhood. Specifically we were reminiscing about good times with our best friends. In Sweden, we knew another Armenian family...they lived in Uppsala, which was around 3 hours away from our town, Hallsberg. They had two daughters and a son. I was best friends with the oldest daughter, my sister with the other, and the son(the youngest one) would just tag along with us~ So they had this Barbie film called Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World. OMG...WE LOVED THIS VIDEO!! I never liked Barbie as a kid...but this movie just sucked us in...it was so colorful and everyone looked so pretty...and the transformations were so much fun to watch (I remember being in that phase were I wanted to try on eyeshadow and lipstick hahaha)..........so what did I do? I bought the VHS from ebay on Monday!! I can't wait to watch it! My sister and I have planned a movie night!!! YAY~ It will be so much fun!