Three is the magic number

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Had a strange week. First my dad got into a car accident on the freeway. Then my uncle (who is visiting from NY) got into a car accident and then it was my turn. Got into a small one yesterday. I was stopped at a red light when some dude hit me from behind. My first thought was "UGHHH NOT THIS AGAIN." The guy was nice. I felt bad...I mean, I know he hit me, but I still felt bad and I wanted to assure him that I was fine. I am fine. My neck is a bit sore and my lower back hurts a liiiitle bit now, but I'm perfectly fine.

I also managed to hurt myself in studio. The cut wouldn't stop bleeding for two days! What the hell?? It wasn't that bad of a cut either. But it's healing now~

Other than that, I've been busy with school. Just school. I'm having small episodes of pure panic every now and then when work doesn't go as well as I had planned. But I know in the end it will be fine, so I try not to stress toooo much. I've learned to deal with it well. What makes it all worthwhile is that I'm working on something that I enjoy (even though it makes me frustrated) and that I have really cool professors.

Enough of this. Back to some work. Have a good week guys. Hang in there. Everything is gonna be fine.