Thursday was the 24th of April, which is the commemoration day of the Armenian Genocide. As usual, we marched in Hollywood and then in the afternoon, we went to the Turkish Embassy on Wilshire Boulevard and had a protest.

The most awesome thing happened afterwards! The protest ended at 6. We crossed the street. All of a sudden my friend goes, "Oh look at that black Escalade." So I turned to my left and saw the car. My eyes moved to the driver.....and it was........................................

DAVID BECKHAM!!!!!!!!! We all went crazy! His kids were in the back seat and we were waving and they were waving hahaha~ It was awesome! I was already talking on the phone with my dad before we saw him.....and then when we saw him...I started screaming and my dad got worried and starting asking what was going on hahahaha~MORE PICTURES HERE (none of D BECK...sorry)PS. hahahaha I'm not a big fan of Beckham either(and I don't think he looks hot...)'s just the fact that I saw him so was fun!!!!~

PPS. 93 years ago, the Ottoman Empire tried to systematically destroy the Armenians. It is referred to as the Armenian Genocide. Every year, Armenians attend demonstrations and protests because the Turkish government is denying what they have done. 21 countries have so far recognized the Genocide:

Flag of Argentina Argentina Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Belgium Belgium Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of Chile Chile Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Flag of France France Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Greece Greece Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Russia Russia Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Sweden Sweden Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of Uruguay Uruguay Flag of the Vatican City City Vatican City
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela

**** got the above stuff from here where you can read about it in more detail.
The United States has not yet recognized the Genocide.....for political reasons.
I hope that was informative~