I feel bad --- but happy too!

I am not the type of person who spends a lot of money on themselves....especially if it has to do with make-up or other things like that....but I couldn't resist this time!!! OMG I'M SO HAPPY. So first let me tell you about something that happened a couple of months ago. So my cousin and I were at Sephora, and I was looking for a new perfume. The lady at the counter came and made us close our eyes and she would have us try random things. After three tries, I found one that I immediately loved! When I told her "OH this one smells so good!", she said "Ahhh, of course...cause it's Dior!", I was like ".....nooo!!". So I didn't get it cause it costs so much. But Miss Dior Cherie has always been in my head ever since! So yesterday...I finally caved in...and bought it!!!!!!~

i love you!!