spring break is hereeeee~

OMG...can't believe I'm on break. School has been very hectic...and now I'm bored to death!! Ughhh....I have nothing to do hahaha~ I went to the Santa Monica beach on Monday with my cousin. It was pretty fun....there were a lot of people around for a Monday. It was very hot, but the ocean breeze made it very nice and comfortable. Tuesday I tutored my other cousin...she is getting ready to take the SATs....ughhh I feel bad for her. Today my cousin (the one i went to the beach with) came over and we did homework in my backyard....she wanted to tan too...I didn't cause I'm already really dark (from tennis and the beach on monday).

Random picture of me with my Sonic.
I'm so excited! This Saturday I will be going to Six Flags (most likely). I really really want to go...I didn't get a chance to go yet this year...and I have a free ticket...so I want to goooo!