A firm visit in Culver City

For my Professional Practice class, my group and I got the chance to visit an architecture firm called Berliner and Associates the other day that's located in Culver City. We got to ask them a bunch of questions about the business aspect of running a firm, what kind of projects they take on, what their philosophy is, etc. It was a great experience. The people working there were super chill and it showed that they enjoy what they do. The office itself surprised me. From the outside, it sort of blended into the fabric of the street, but on the inside it had a completely different feel. It's a beautiful working space with high ceilings and interesting textures. I don't know what the place is like when it gets very busy, but it seems like a very calm environment.





This was the materials library. It was filled with swatches and materials. Overwhelmingly awesome.






This is Ballona Creek. Almost two years ago, I had a studio that dealt with this creek. My site for that studio was a couple of blocks down from the firm. It was nice to visit the site again and remember all the feelings associated with that project. The gloomy weather was also reminiscent of that time.


Untitled-1My group.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far~ Take care!