Up and Down and Up

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2013 started off in a very dramatic fashion. Wasn't quite prepared for everything, but that's okay, I improvised. My grandmother was taken to the ER for heart failure. She had some sort of a flu the week before and the doctors said that her heart was having a tough time.

I was with a friend when I heard the news. My heart sank to my stomach. I wasn't ready at all. She was so weak and small when I saw her. She wasn't eating anything. I started joking around with her. I am not good in intense situations so I resort to jokes. I tried lightening the mood - I was doing it more for myself I think. Nevertheless, it seemed to help her too. She started talking more and sounded more like her usual self. When I went home I was still anxious and my heart was beating fast, but by the next day I felt more calm.

I visited Ponchik the next day. He makes me so happy. I hugged him as much as I could. I love hugs.

The following day I felt that I might be getting a cold. I didn't want to stay home, however. I saw Seven Psychopaths for the fifth time with good company. I have memorized it by now. After, I came home to celebrate my parent's anniversary. It was just the four of us....mom, dad, sister, and I. We laughed a lot. It was nice. I treasure those moments because they happen less and less.

I'm fighting this cold now. Everything is fine. I'm just tired. I try to sleep but I have a migraine that makes it difficult. I've been watching documentaries and movies on netflix as a distraction. I tried to read a book earlier but it was a challenge to hold it up. I'll get to it.

Up and down and up. This is life~