It's already the 12th of January!! Damn...this year is gonna pass by even quicker than the last. So far, 2008 hasn't been too bad. Even though I've been sick and my grandmother spent three weeks in the hospital....things are slowly getting better. Yesterday we brought my grandmother to our house. Everyone voted our house as the one with the least amount of now she is here. She is in a lot of pain, which is expected, but she is doing fine~ Today we spent some time watching old VHS videos of the past. "Newyears 1988" was the one we watched first....I was three months old and my grandparents were visiting us in Sweden. It was really nice listening to their stories...about what I would do and who came and visited and how happy they were. Then we moved on to the photoalbums haha.....we've spent the day reminiscing.

My cousin Isabel, me, and my sister Ani in Armenia, 1992

My sister and I eating Lavash in Armenia, 1992

My sister, mom, and me. Armenia, 1992

First time my cousin Isabel and I met eachother. Armenia, 1992

I had to include this one. My sister and I with our badass snowman. Sweden, 1992