Winterbreak is finally here!

Winterbreak is here, but all is not well. My grandmother suffered a "mild" heartattack and we took her to the hospital on Monday. I've been going to the hospital everyday. I'm so glad that my relatives are so many and so caring. She is always surrounded by us. Yesterday the doctors did and angioplasty and we found out that one artery is completely blocked and that one of her valves does not open. On Monday, she is scheduled for an operation. She seemed okay today. Christmas is never fun for us ;_____; On a lighter note: I got two new magazines and I was looking through them for ideas! Okay....this is gonna be messy...lots of pictures....sorry!!

I love the boots to the left and center. I have been looking for something similar, but haven't found anything yet ;___;
What do you guys think of the white shoes? I think they look kind of weird~