Armenian Scrabble is Difficult

Happy times <3 Happy vibes which energize me when I'm up alone at nights doing work~

One final down, two more to go. Friday was my studio final. Presentation went very well. I said everything I had to say and I felt like we all had a good discussion going. Got a lot of great feedback~

I spent the first half of my Saturday running errands, having tea with my friend, and singing to procrastinate. I've spend the second half reading pages and pages of text to figure out what my research paper is gonna be about. I haven't written a proper research paper in almost a year. I rather solve structures problems.

Friday will be my last day. I have a huge thesis research project due that day...not looking forward to it. The final is from 9 to 5.....lollllll why.

ANYWAY. I'll be somewhat free after that~