Stormy weather days make us go our separate ways

Had another fun weekend mixed with school work - as always. November is a busy month because it's everyone's birthday. My mom's is coming up in two weeks. We're trying to plan something fun for her~

Been working on studio. I've got a review coming up on Friday. Trying to get a head start so I can focus on thesis work too. We had a review for that on Friday and it went well, but something just didn't feel right and it's been bothering me ever since. Don't really want to get into it. I just need to rethink some things.

On Saturday I am going to a Rush concert! Can't believe I'll get to see them play in a couple of days. I look up to Neil Peart a lot <3

Speaking of musicians that make me feel happy - I've been blasting Jamiroquai for the past week. Their music reminds me of my childhood. I got exposed to MTV Europe when my family moved into an apartment in Sweden that had cable. I would watch their 'Virtual Reality' video everyday and try to sing and dance like Jay Kay. They bring me a lot of good, funky vibes.

Seven Days of Sunny June - One of my favorite songs.

Half the Man - Even their break up songs are upbeat <3