Where did I go???

Hello....it's been a while...almost a month, yeah? So where have I been!? No where.....at home mostly....reading and writing and sleeping....and studying. My life has been really boring these couple of weeks. I took my first final today (Humanties). I aced the test....I know I did! I had to identify and compare/contrast 25 images and write an essay about The Picture of Dorian Gray (wonderful book! I loved it!!). Right after I finished the exam, I came home and continued writing my research paper for History....I'm almost done with it. It's due on Monday. Tomorrow I have my Modern Art final. I'm a little nervous. I can choose to do a oral final...where the professor can ask me anything...and we have a discussion. OR I can take an essay like final. If I'm too nervous tomorrow, I'll just take the essay...cause I can organize my thoughts in a better way. We'll see! So....on Monday was the Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London.......I was stalking the the LedZeppelin.com forum like a mad person. I wish I could have been there and seen them......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hope they decide to tour or something....;_____;

Alright, I really have to go now and continue with my studying. Please wish me luck!!!