A Day in the Gardens

Had another super eventful weekend. Friday right after studio, we went to the Korean Spa again. Same group of people plus another friend joined in this time. It was good. I had a really bad headache the entire day so sitting in the sauna was a good way to relax.

Saturday I did a good deal of studio work. I have a pin up tomorrow, so I was trying to get a lot done. At night I met up with some old 'Tae Kwon Do' friends. I used to do Tae Kwon Do from middle school till I started college. I rarely get to see all the friends I made from there so we plan a couple of get togethers every year. Last year I went to see System of Down with a couple of them. On Saturday we all went to Koreatown for karaoke. I had never gone before - it was sooooo much fun. We are definitely doing that again.

Sunday morning we woke up early because we had reservations at the Huntington Gardens Tea Room~ Our friend got engaged there last Sunday so we wanted to go there to celebrate. We walked around the beautiful gardens and reenacted the proposal every time we saw a bench. It was awesome <3 The place was beautiful....so many different types of plants. It's amazing that that place exists in the middle of a city~

Now it's Monday. This week will be hectic, but the weekend will be here soon again~