The weekend has been incredible in every way. I presented my midterm on Tuesday and had a huge assignment due on Friday, so I hadn't slept all week. Friday, right after studio, I was picked up by my sister and my two friends and we drove to Koreatown (right next to my site for studio) and went to a Korean spa called Wi Spa. We got there at around 8pm and left at 1:30am (it's open 24hrs). The co-ed part of the spa had a manga section, food, and all the different heat rooms. We had so much fun~ I almost fell asleep in the salt room and my friends dragged me out of there so I wouldn't die hahaha. I was exhausted from the week. Early Saturday morning, my sister and I drove out to Irvine to visit our bros. They go to school there and we don't get to see them enough. We made plans a month ago to hang out~ I got to hang with them a week ago for a little bit since they wanted to give me my birthday present (they got me a Hylian shield hahahaha it's so cool)~ When we said bye, I was so sad...especially since I knew the week was gonna be tough, but meeting up renewed my energy and allowed me to push through the week~

We had an awesome time. Us four could sit in a room and stare at a wall and be happy - we mesh well with each other. So well, in fact, that it becomes difficult to leave. Having good friends is the greatest. Earlier today, my sister and I were moping around since we are apart from them. We are planing another sibling day <3

He has the greatest head of hair. I am jealous.

The weekend ended amazingly well because our other friend got engaged~!!!! We went out for ramen to celebrate <3 My sister and I had called the proposal the day that we all went to the spa so when we got a call from our friend saying that his sister was engaged we just yelled "WE KNEWWW ITTTTTT!!!!" She is so happy and it makes me happy~ <3 <3 <3 YAYYY~ So much positive energy flowing through me that this week will be a piece of cake <3 I love cake~

OKAY. It is late. Good night <3