25 is the greatest number

Yayyy today is finally over. I had a stressful week but it went well. Next week will be even more stressful, but I can handle it! I thought I'd post a bunch of photos from the past couple of weeks. I've been doing  a lot of different things. I went to three concerts in one week (Moonsorrow, Iztakh Perlman, & Roxette), working frantically on studio, turned 25 years old, and made some new friends. It's been crazy, but fun <3

Roxette <3

My studio friends took me out for sushi after studio on my birthday. The car parked next to us had this written on it~ Coincidence!!!!

Dos Equis man creeping forever.

I placed him like this today so whenever someone enters our studio, they are greeted by mr. creeper. A guy in my studio stole him from some bar. He is a great addition to our studio.

Moonsorrow at the Whiskey! They were awesome!!!

Making site models + concepts

We had a review yesterday. Long day.

Inside joke.

Green tea ice cream with Jasmine tea in Little Tokyo~

My bro and I. We always end up matching somehow without speaking to each other about what we are gonna wear. Yesterday was 'stripes day'!

Been re-reading and catching up with Naruto. It is so good.

This is a funny story. On my birthday (09/25/2012) I was filling out a form for school. I wrote the date, signed the paper, and turned it in. The lady I gave it to came back out with the same paper and pointed to the date that I had written. I looked at it and said "yeah...seems correct to me". She looked up at me and pointed to the date again. I looked down and read it out loud "09/25/198......1987??". I had written my birth year instead of 2012. She started laughing and I was just amazed that I hadn't realized what I'd done. Automatic reaction to writing the numbers 09/25 is 1987 in my head ~

Amazing hair.

OKAY gotta go to school and work~