It's that time again

Summer is over. My final year of architecture school begins tomorrow. It's strange looking back to this insane ride that I've been on for the past four years. I remember my first day. I remember writing a post about how sad I felt and how scared I was. I feel nervous right now as I'm typing this. I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of that nervous feeling that you get right before something important is supposed to happen. Even though I still feel nervous, I've grown a lot from that first day. I've endured stress and panic, fear of the future, family troubles, and heartache. I've lost time spent with loved ones, relationships, friendships, and sleep. But I've gained a lot in the process. I've experienced sadness, happiness, and the feeling of accomplishment. I've traveled and I've made new friends. Even though it hasn't been a smooth ride I'm glad that I'm still here for it and will get to finish it no matter what happens later on.

I want to cherish all the good things that happened this summer. This photo is from one of the happiest days of my summer. We all went out for my sister's birthday. My mom was feeling much better than she usually does. I wish she could always be happy as she was that day. I hope that two semesters from now, when I graduate, she'll be okay~

I can do it <3