Drawing Update #01

This weekend was uneventful and rainy . Was home most of the time cause I've gotten a cold . Friday night I saw Across the Universe. I am never seeing another musical in my life! I can't sit through musicals...ahhh all that singing drives me mad. I mentioned that I had started another drawing. I'm gonna take pictures of the progress of drawing it. Here are two pictures. This is my workspace.....the floor of my room! I can't draw on my desk....too uncomfortable. I like to sit in the middle of the floor with all of my things scattered around me.

A crappy close up of the drawing. I am almost done with John Bonham's (drummer of Led Zeppelin) face. The face is the hardest part...because you want your drawing to look like the person~ Drawing this is frustrating and fun at the same time....I can't wait till I'm done!pikapika.gif