Janna Penguin

It's hot again! Everyone at home is laying down...trying to move as little as possible. I've got a slight headache from the A/C being on too much. Luckily the sun has gone down and slowly a breeze is coming through the house. I've been keeping cool with frozen yogurt. I was out with my dad earlier and he suggested it. It's funny when he asks if I want sweets because he is so against them generally...but I think he has a soft spot for ice cream. We went to Yogurtland. They have super cute Sanrio cups! The penguin is so cute <3

I've been playing a lot of Starcraft II for the past two weeks. School is starting in about a week so I want to play as much as I can now. I suck but it's so much fun. Two of my friends have been 'coaching' me and they tell me that I'm improving! My goal is to beat them...within a year hahahaha.

I bought tickets to see a Pagan metal/viking metal? band that I like called 'Moonsorrow'. They're coming to LA on the 12th of September. I'm really excited! They're from Finland...I never thought they'd come all the way over here, but finally they are~

Happy Friday everyone~