Sunday Funday

Sunday is usually the day that I dread the most during when I got to school but during the summer, it's the complete opposite. My friend and I decided to play tennis during the day for some stupid reason. It is so incredibly hot over here right now. We were on the court for an hour and my face was already red (even though I had slathered on sunscreen..I don't burn easily). It was so hot and we had run so much that I couldn't control my breathing. The sun light reflects off the courts too...everything is so bright. I felt like I was in a sauna that I couldn't escape.

After tennis I drove to Atwater village where my other friend lives. We walked to a nearby food place called Link-n-Hops. We ordered Bratwursts and he got a beer and I got a really good pear cider. We walked to a used book store and browsed around. They are selling a lot of Harumi Murakami books for very cheap! Then we drove to Silverlake for gelato. The afternoon light was really beautiful there. I love afternoons the most.

After Silverlake, we went to his house and picked up Ponchik and walked along the LA River. The river is such a wonderful's not hidden away but it sort of feels that way. When you drive on the freeway, you don't notice it. It's always very peaceful. Last night the water was moving very fast and was making a lot of noise. I didn't remember it being like that last time I was there~

Also! I kind of /sort of changed my layout. I've been wanting a small change for a while now but I was too attached to my old layout. I had it since 2008...and I still like it very much hahaha. But I just wanted to try something new and see what happens. Who knows...maybe I'll bring the old one back next week if I miss it too much!!

Have a wonderful week <3