Money Does Not Grow on Trees!

So I bought the stupid book today. It cost me $85! What the hell?? It's a stupid book that does not have any pictures or color...SO STUPID!!! I am doing surprisingly well in my sociology class though....I have gotten a 5/5 on the 3 quizzes that we have taken and a 10/10 on my paper on symbolic interpretation (ughhhhhhhhhhh)ga-n03.gif~ I hate it though...such a stupid class~ I'm turning 20 in a week...and I'm not happy. Not because I'm growing old....I just don't want to be considered an adult....I don't want to have the responsibilities of an adult. So sad ;_____;ase.gif

Tomorrow I only have one class!!2-01.gif 2-01.gif 2-01.gifYAY!~