Painting and Cleaning

It so sunny and pretty outsidet02.gif...yet I am stuck at home cleaning. I am almost done painting the guest bathroom...just the final touches. I vacuumed the entire house...exhausting! Now I'm taking a small break....then onto my room. Not looking forward to it. So....School has been alright. I have four classes this semester:

World History M W F
Modern Art T TH
Literary Arts M W F
Sociology M W F

I hate my sociology teacher. She is a bitch. She assigned us homework last week...we had to read a section in the book and then write a page about it. So I went to the bookstore to buy the book, but they were out. So I went to the library to use theirs till the bookstore got more books. The librarian told me that they don't have my teacher's book there. My teacher never loaned the library a copy of the book for students to use. I was getting pissed offikari04.gif...I asked her how I was supposed to do my hw, if I can't get a book. The librarian told me to go and tell my teacher that the library needs a book. So I went to my professor and told her that I couldn't do my hw because there were no more books in the bookstore and the library had no books. She says, "No, no, no, the library has the book." I was like, "No, there were no books there." Then she tells me, "Why don't you use your logic skills and use another book. You think there is only one sociology book in the entire world?" BITCH!!! I hate her.