Back from the Desert

I'm back from Palm Springs. I had a wonderful weekend with my sister and my friend. We drove out there Friday morning and had a blast till we came back home. We ate good food, exercised and hung out at the spa everyday and laughed a lot. Saturday morning we woke up early and drove to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway which takes you up to Mount San Jacinto where we hiked around. Up in the mountains it was nice and cool....such a huge contrast to the intense heat below.

We drank a lot of coconut water and watermelon drinks to stay cool~

The restort we stayed at had tennis courts right by our room. I had nobody to play with though ;______;

This is us having fun with sunscreen before our hike.

It cost about twenty bucks per person to use the tram. It was an amazing ride....kind of scary, but amazing.

The mountain was filled with beautiful flowers.

My sister and I doing some Armenian dances when we reached the top~

Lame but necessary poses.

CAKE WE HAD AFTER THE HIKE. It was a gluten free chocolate cake......I only ate half...was too filling.

And some more food we had. MYAHHH.

I just came back from my Structures class. I got a 95/100 on my midterm. I am beyond thrilled. I aced that crap. Now onto concrete slabs!!