Can't wait till the weekend

I exercised in the morning, cooked, went to school and studied for my midterm that is tomorrow (GROSSSSS) and then played some tennis at night. Just came home. It was my first time playing with my new strings. I need some time to adjust to the strings cause I was hitting a lot long balls...booooooooo.

This is what I ate in the morning: Soft boiled egg, tomato, avocado, leek, lemon, pepper.

What we ate for my sister's birthday: A whole-grain cake from Whole Foods. It was super rich and yummy~

I bought my sister a charm for prosperity and I got myself this love charm. It's so lives in my pencil pouch.

This is something I ate last week: Garbanzo beans, tomato, leek, mint, olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper.

I love strawberries.

I'm excited for an upcoming trip I'm taking to Palm Springs this Friday! I'm going with my sister and our friend. We booked a hotel a few days ago. We're just gonna be lazy....well we're gonna do some hiking...and then be lazy. I want to catch up on some reading that I haven't been able to over there. It's going to be super hot...I will need to pack a lot of sunblock! I'm very excited~

We wanted to go to San Francisco instead but it's a seven hour drive and I have school on Monday, so it would have been a bit more difficult. I might go there after my summer class is over though!

I'm getting my hair cut the day before we leave...made the appointment today. I've been thinking of cutting it to my shoulders which is a little scary since I've always had fairly long hair but I think a change will be good. It's summer so going a little shorter will be good!

OKAY...back to studying. Wish me luck~