Little Miss Sunshine

We came back home early from San Francisco. Saturday morning we woke up to sad news. My grandfather had passed away the night before. We just packed our bags and left. My dad took it extremely well...I'm amazed. My dad never got to see his dad...last time they saw each other was 27 years ago. I've been by my dad's side the whole time...and he talks about my grandfather...what kind of person he was. I don't really know what it's like to have grandparents, so I it's nice when you hear stories about them...when people speak about them and share memories~

We rented a van for the SF trip cause we were with a lot of family...and while my dad was driving back yesterday I told him that our family and our situation reminded me of the movie, Little Miss Sunshine. He started laughing and then he hugged me~ I love my dad~