Been playing a bit of tennis again~ It feels so awesome. I've been doing strength training exercises for the past two weeks now...trying to get my legs a bit stronger. I have some issues with my right knee, so I'm also trying to strengthen the muscles around the knee~ Today I took my racquet to be restrung~ I changed the strings in year (not like I played a lot, but still...). I also asked to get my grip changed since it was very worn out and gripping tight to the racquet was hurting my hand. Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow <3 I'm so excited! I've been able to produce fairly decent ground strokes but because of the lousy strings, the shots were unpredictable...and it was getting very frustrating to play like that. YAYYYYYYY NEW STRINGSSSSS!!!!

Me posing inside a bathroom at school before my structures class. OH YEAH, I'm taking Structures 2 during the summer~ That class gives me a terrible headache every time....but the challenge is good~ My shoes are from a completely random shoe store in New York (can't even remember the name)....I bought them last summer when my flats were giving me blisters. My parachute pants are from H&M. I think they might be slightly big on me...I have to wear them with a belt (UGHH). My best friend didn't like it when I wore these (thought they were ugly...made me sad ;____;)...but damn, they're comfortable. Top is also from H&M...It's pretty lame because you always have to iron it before wearing...if you don't want to look like a slob. The reason why I like it is that it's very light - perfect for summer. The cardigan, I believe, is from H&M too...Yeah, I'm like 97.2% sure it's from there.


TIME FOR BED. It is 3:25 am. Good job Lorik.