Allegro Cantabile and Painting

NEW LAYOUT finally~!pikapika.gif I never thought I'd finish this today. I have been painting all day...and I just got tired of painting, so I made this. Anyway...the layout features Nodame and Chiaki from the manga Nodame Cantabile~2-01.gif I love them ^___^ Yesterday I drove to Little Tokyo for the first time. I have always taken the Metro there...cause I find it scary to drive in downtown LA. It was surprisingly easy and it took half the time it normally takes~! HAPPY...because now I can go there more often...and I won't have to walk for 20 minutes to get to the Super Market~ I didn't get anything special...shampoo, magazines, gum, and candy...lots of candy~ I took pictures too...but I have to take them to get developed~!

Ughhh....I'm really tired! I'll write more later! Hope everyone is doing well!!