One more week of hard work. It's a lot but not impossible.

I apologize for vanishing. I've been extremely busy with school. Studio final is exactly a week away and I am very stressed out. I'm in studio right now (above photo was just taken for proof!) and it's deathly quiet in here. Everyone is out except for my friend who sits across from me. I haven't seen my parents properly in weeks. I miss them very much. I rarely see my sister. My grandmother is staying at our house for two weeks...a week has passed already and I'm not gonna see her this following week either. It's been difficult dealing with family stuff and school at the same time, but I've taken comfort in coming to studio. I spend a lot of time here...way too much time. I'm constantly working on studio. I'm missing out on my social life, but I don't care anymore. I'm kind of over it. People will either be there or not when I'm done with this. I can't let my feelings hold me back. I'll meet new people and be happy and I already have. Everyone in my studio is so wonderful. We spend days together working hard without days of sleep, but we joke around and eat together. It's truly a great feeling. I'm sad this semester is coming to an end. I don't know what I'm gonna do this summer without everyone.

Since I've been working so much, I try to snap photos here and there of small moments in my life because it's easier than writing, so here are a few photos taken from my Instagram~

My Koko and I early in the morning. I know Koko isn't a real being (DUHHH) but every morning before I leave, I kiss him goodbye and say "see you soon" even though I'll come back the next day. And whenever I happen to go to bed I kiss him and say "good night Koko". It's comforting. He's my bro.

Last week we had to print for building plan checks and the plotters were acting up like always. Out of frustration, I began drawing these horses on a whiteboard.

This is one of the laser cutters at my school. I hate laser cutters because I don't trust it. I never anticipate things to go right with this thing.

This was my desk on either Monday or Tuesday night....I really can't remember. I was working on my final for my Systems Integration class which was this past Wednesday. It went very well.

This is my Systems model. It's not complete yet in this photo.

My old shoes. I was trying to count how many years I've had these shoes. I think I got them in 2006. I went camping with them in 2008 and they got really beat up and I was gonna throw them away. But then I started wearing them again...can't part with them.

And old version of my one of my floor plans. I'm so sick of looking at it.

I woke up at 9:30 am on Tuesday, went to school, had studio, worked on my Systems Integration final till Wednesday morning. My friend lives far away so she slept over at my house. We got to my house at 8:30 am...slept till 10:00 am, got up and went to present our finals. I felt dead inside that entire day. I knocked out on my desk for two hours, tried to work a little bit before I called my dad to pick me up cause I was too tired to walk home. I ate something and then knocked out. I say "knocked out" a lot. Good.

Last weekend I was in studio and my friends and I were streaming Coachella while working. My cousin is at Coachella right now. ;_____;

My other bro.

A photo before falling asleep in studio.

I spoke to my professor today about my project and afterward I felt so stressed out because I realized just how much work there is to do till Friday. I stepped outside and tried to call several people just to talk to someone, but nobody was picking up. All of a sudden I got a text from a friend in studio and it cheered me up so much that I went skipped back inside and started working again~ MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME.

OKAY BACK TO WORK. It's 12:30 am. My plan is to leave at 3 am! LET'S DO THIS!