I finally got back from camp~! I was in San Diego for a week....ughhh it was good and bad. The camp ground grass...and it was in the middle of the city...We could hear the freeway bellow us...and there was an airport five minutes away from all the hotels~ But overall it was fun....The people there made it fun~ I miss them all naku02.gif~! Tomorrow I am getting a haircut! I have been looking through magazines for ideas...but I have no idea what to do~ The last time I got it cut was in it has been a very long time~ My hair is shoulder length now and my bangs have grown out quite a bit.....I don't know if I should cut bangs or just trim them...ughhh~

MY BABY COUSIN~ Isn't he cute ^________^??? I have some video's of him that I want to upload....I'll try to do it today~

OKAY~ So on Monday, I had a sudden urge to color our guest I went and bought the paint. It's the most obnoxious color! It's called Strawberry Daiquiri..and it's a dark red/pink color. It's not ugly....but for a small bathroom that has no's pretty intense. So yesterday I went and bought a new color which is more on the brown's called Japanese Maple. My mom is scared of it...cause it's so dark, but my dad doesn't really care. So I'm gonna try my best to make it look nice~ I'll show pictures when I'm done~

Other than that....I have been reading Harry Potter....I am almost done ( 100 pages left). I was gonna read it when I got back from New York, but since I had camp right after, I never got the chance to start reading. It's really good!!