Revisiting Through Photographs

I'm sitting in studio editing photographs from India and Dubai for an exhibition and I thought I'd share some. The exhibition is gonna be held on the 26th of March so I'll have time to edit all the work I have during spring break which has just started!!!!!! Yay~

My midterm for studio was on Tuesday. I hadn't slept in almost three days....It was painful, but being in studio with everyone else was still fun. This semester, studio doesn't seem like a burden. I enjoy being here. Whenever I'm upset, I just walk to school and do my work in peace~ There is also always someone here from my class that I can talk to. <3

Okay! Gotta pack my stuff now! I'm gonna go eat and drink German sausages and beer at Wurstkuche with some friends <3 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend~