The past week and a half

I had my first midterm yesterday and I'm still trying to recover. I hadn't slept in two days so I felt like a dry, sleepy zombie. The presentation went well, so it's all good. I went to the chiropractor right after and he cracked my neck and did some ultrasound hurt so bad! I was telling him a story while he was working and at one point it hurt so bad I forgot what I was saying and I just closed my eyes. I tried to pick up where I'd left off, but again the pain was so bad I just stopped trying. He found that amusing. I felt really good after I left the place, but this morning I feel so sore. I need to do some stretches.

These are some flowers from my backyard. I love the violet colored ones. They are cute <3

The weather has been very inconsistent lately. Cold rainy days followed by sunny days.

My grandmother was over at our house this past week. She gave me a lucky penny.

My friend gave me his old Sailor Moon comic to cheer me up <3

I colored my nails a nude color over the weekend.

What I take everyday. Fish oil, Codliver oil, Flaxseed oil, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin E. Not pictured that I also take: Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Chromium (the last two taste like death).


Gonna take a shower and head over to studio for more work <3