I will carry you on for so long - Your love is never gonna leave me

I'm sitting in studio right now. I just finished presenting and it went really well. I have a huge assignment due tomorrow morning at 9 and I don't know where to begin. I'm not very good at modeling with 3d programs so I feel very limited. If we were allowed to draw the entire thing by hand, I would....but it's better for me to try modeling this thing even if it might turn out looking like crap. Learning process~ I don't know if I should stay in studio and work...or walk home and work from home. Studio is nice since everyone is working...I have a good desk to work at...surrounded by cool people. But usually I need to be home to help out. Home is nice because I can eat as much as I want (hehehehehe) and it's comfortable, but there is a lot of noise around that I could do without. I also can't help but talk to my parents A LOT when I see them. I get easily distracted by them...I want to tell them everything I did/learned/ that day...so yeah it takes a while to get work done. I work best when everyone is asleep. I don't want to do work....I am tired ;_________________; MEMEMEMEME.

This is a photo of a ring that I wear almost always. It was given to me by my mom (almost all of my rings were given to me by her mememe). This is the first ring that my dad bought my mom when they were dating ~ It's special to me and I use it as a good luck charm...even though I don't believe in good luck charms hahaha.....it's makes me happy when I glance down on my hand and it's there.

Just gonna leave this happy song here.......my favorite female singer (I wish she was my older sister) <3