Guitar Hero Madness

I am back home in California now....arrived home yesterday morning at 11:30. We went to the Baggage Claim to get our bags and mine never came! So I had to fill out this form and they told me that they would call me when the next flight came in cause my bag was probably in there~ They gave me a $30 voucher for the trouble. All I wanted was my bag ;__;

The flight was gonna come in at around 2:30, so we just went home. They called at 3:00 and said they found the bag and that I could go and pick it up. We live 5 minutes away, so we just went and go it ^______^ then we went to Best Buy to buy Guitar Hero. I've been playing it ever since~ It's so hard to put down.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of some of the stuff that I got in NY~