Walking around Manhattan

I am sitting in my cousin's Manhattan apartment. He just went to work. My sister is sleeping on the couch and I just stopped playing Guitar Hero(it's way to addictive). We came here Tuesday night and slept over and then on Wednesday my sister and I just walked around Manhattan. It was really confusing...but so much fun. My cousin gave me a map of the subway system...and we just had to make our way around with that. We sat on the wrong train once...but no big deal~ I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts....had a blast! I got to see some Degas, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Homer, Cézanne, Seurat, Matisse, Picasso....and what I had gone there for....Jacques-Louis David and Rembrandt. Everything was so beautiful...I am so happy I got to go there~After the museum...we hung around Central Park....and then took the subway south...to Rockefeller Center so we could go to Nintendo World where I bought a really really really cute Yoshi ^_____^ Then we walked to Kinokuniya which was also very close to RC. My sister bought Grave of the Fireflies dvd and I bought a the latest issue of Non-no~ After that...we went to a really yummy cafe. I wanted to take pictures of the cheesecake and chocolate cake that we got....but my camera wouldn't turn on! Something is wrong with it...it's not the battery...It makes really weird noises and it worries me! After that....we took the subway back to my cousin's apartment. He wasn't home yet. He came thirty minutes later and so did his roommate. They had bought stuff so we could BBQ~ We had so much fun ^_____^ ~ After we cleaned up...we played some Guitar Hero and then I started reading Harry Potter....I'm re-reading the 6th one(almost done!!) so that when I go back to California on Sunday...I can start reading the 7th one~ My cousin has already started the 7th one...so he is really frustrated with me...since he wants to discuss the what he has read...but he doesn't want to spoil it for me hahaha~

Okay...I wrote a lot! Um...I'm going back to CA on Sunday...really early in the morning ;____; I'll try to post something before then~ I hope you all are doing well!!~ Bye Bye~