Day 5 in NY

So many things have been happening over here. There was a thunderstorm yesterday morning...the rain was just pouring like crazy. The basement was filled with water up to my knees....omg it was so bad. We had to get pumps and pump all the water out. It took us forever!! After that we went to Outback Steakhouse....we were all tired and hungry ^__^ We got a phone call from my cousin who works/lives in Manhattan...he said that his whole work place had been told to evacuate the building cause there had been a steam explosion right outside. All his stuff was on his desk so he had to use a pay-phone to call us. We wanted him to come home since he didn't have the keys to his apartment...but he said that he was gonna go and stay at his friends house. I'm glad that he is okay.

Today we went to IHOP....It was my sister, my cousin, my cousin's two cousins, and me...I'm sorry if that was confusing. The adults were all we just drove around Long Island....we might go and see a movie later....

Tomorrow I am most likely going to the city again to be with my other cousin. We are planning on going to The Six Flags in New Jersey on Saturday. Also...there is a slight chance that we might go to OzzFest!~

Okay...that's it for now~