OMG, YESTERDAY AND TUESDAY NIGHT WAS THE BEST!!~ I was at my cousin's house with my sister and friends on Tuesday, and we suddenly decided that we wanted to see the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was already really late...8:15pm when we decided to go to buy tickets. The movie was gonna start at 12:01am...and we were sure that there was gonna be lots of people standing in line. I bought 6 tickets online and we rushed over there to print them out. It was so crowded!! In that one movie theater, they were gonna show the 12:01 screening in five auditoriums. Luckliy for us, the tickets I bought were for a 6th auditorium that they had just decided to open up, so we got to stand in the front of the line ^__________^

We got the best seats!!~ Everything was going great, except I had a huge headache from stressing out....worrying about getting there on time, worrying about the seats...etc.~

The movie was alright....I know you can't tell everything that is in a book....but I felt like I was watching a very very long trailer. They were just going through the story as fast as they could~ I love the actors/actresses though...they do a great job ^_____^

On a different note! I am going to New York in three days. I will try to post something before I go. I think I might be able to blog from NY....since I am sure my cousin's have computers~ If I don't have time to post anything before I go...I hope you all are doing well and that everyting is okay~ Take care of yourselves!!!!