OMG YOU GUYS!! RAFA WON HIS MATCH AGAINS HEWITT!!!~ ^_________^ YAY~ I watched the whole match right after I got home from school. It was so good.

He is soooooo cute!!!~<3<3<3<3

Rafael Nadal 6 6 7
Lleyton Hewitt 3 1 6

Other good news. I got a 145/150 on my econ test! Almost perfect! I really surprised myself. I know everything (almost everything) about monitary policy now...never thought that I could understand economy~ I also just found out that my lab group got the highest grade (20/20) on our labfinal!!! ^_____^ I am so excited. My math test that I took today...was really bad though~

My friend took this while I was working on our lab that we got a 20/20 on~ The man in the back is my Physics lecture professor~ He is so awesome ^_________^<3<3