AHHHH!~<3 My favorite Grand Slam is finally here!!! I haven't been able to watch that much of it, since it's the last two weeks of school...and I want good grades~ Tomorrow is Friday, so I'll get a chance to watch a couple of matches.

Rafa won his second round match today against Flavio Cipolla, 6-2, 6-1, 6-4~ YAY!!~ He has been playing really well. If he ends up winning this French Open, that would make it his third consecutive French Open title....WOW~

Unfortunately, Safin is out ;____; I'm so sad. He is one of my favorites~ This is such a cool shot~!<3<3

I'll try to have small updates on the grand slam~

My schedule for the next two weeks is really bad! I have so much studying to do...I don't know how I'm gonna have time to do it all.

  • ECON TEST #4 ---- June 1st (TOMORROW....ughhhhh)
  • Calculus chp. 12 TEST ---- June 3rd
  • Physics TEST #4 ---- June 5th
  • ECON FINAL ---- June 11th
  • CALCULUS FINAL ---- June 13th
  • PHYSICS FINAL ---- June 13th

OMG...........................I am so tired!!!!!