Where are my magazines???

I am trying to finish my econ assignment....but I am not in the mood. Ughhhh...such a boring subject. I've been so busy!!! I went dress shopping last week since it was my friends b-day on Saturday. I slept over at my cousin's house on Saturday and Sunday night. I love sleeping over because we always end up talking instead of sleeping....the only downside is that I have a hard time staying awake at school ^____^ ~ So yeah....I just came back home today....I missed my bed~

I am really pissed off!!! OKAY.....so I ordered two magazines in March (the 19th)...and I still haven't received them!! I have emailed them numerous times, but I haven't gotten any replies yet. I have no idea what to do ;____; I'm so sad and mad.

For memorial day, my family is going camping with some of our friends. I hope I have fun~ I'm gonna try to relax over the weekend so I can gather all my energy for the last bit of studying before finals. Ughhhhhh finals T___T

Okay, I'm gonna try to finish my assignment now~