Kuroneko-sama LOVE ♥

I got sick on Wednesday night....I don't know how. I felt like crap on Thursday and even worse on Friday since I had a physics test. I slept through the whole weekend while everyone else did fun stuff (like my sister...she went and bought a prom dress)....then I woke up today and went to take my Calculus test....which I am 1000% sure I failed. OMG...it was horrible....I don't care though ━━( ▼皿▼)=○)Д)゜゜━━━!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Fortunately, Kuroneko-sama was there to comfort me this whole weekend~ ♥ I have an econ test this Wednesday. I feel good about it...shouldn't be to hard. Ahhhh I feel so weird today ;__;....I don't know what it is....I have this weird weight on my...and I can't really pinpoint what the problem is.

OHHHHH!!! You know what happened today???? I was sleeping in my bed....it was around 6 in the morning when I heard this C R A S H from the bathroom!!!! I thought the shower window was open and the wind had blown the shampoo bottles to the floor(it happens a lot). But when I went to brush my teeth....the entire shower door had broken and there was glass everywhere!!!! I checked the window....but it was closed. It was really windy this morning....but I don't think the wind is responsible for this......so weird!!!