2 Years and 1 Day~

Yesterday day was the 2 Year Anniversary of my blog ^_________^ Not a big deal, but I can't believe how quickly time passes~ Thank you too all of you who have been reading my blog! I really appreciate everyone's comments and advise throughout these two years....I'm really grateful to have friends like you~ THANK YOU!!~ I took a 30 minute break today and played some Capcom vs. SNK. I love Street Fighters. I love love love Street Fighters. Sakura is my favorite...She is just so awesome~ Do any of you guys play or used to play?? I don't play games as much as I used to. It's sad. I used to a lot in high school~ That's it....this summer....I'm just gonna play games!

Another thing that I really miss is watching anime. The old school ones...like Gundam Wing. OMG...I used to love that show. I still do....awwwwwww. My favorite character was Duo Maxwell~ So cute ^____^ I loved his Deathscythe. During middle school....all I would do was draw Gundam Wing fanart (and Sailor Moon fanart...DBZ fanart...Trigun fanart...lol...etc.). Life was great back then ^^

Okay, my physics lab is due tomorrow. I've been reading my textbook for Friday's test. I am so tired! Can't wait till Wednesday...no more tests!!

I 'm gonna go to bed now....I should study some more....but I'm not going to...I'm too tired!

I hope you all are having a good week so far. Friday is almost here....almost! Though...I'm not gonna have a good weekend ;__;

Take care ^_____^<3<3