One problem fixed~

Wow...this week is gonna suck...I can just tell:

  • Physics test on Friday - 5/4
  • Physics lab due - 5/5
  • Math test on Monday - 5/7
  • Econ test on Wednesday - 5/9
  • Physics lab due - 5/10

I am so bummed. I have no idea what the hell we are doing in calc. It seems so useless~ Physics is great. I love my lab teacher...he is so awesome. I can't believe that I have such an amazing teacher!

Something even more amazing!

Hahahah they are so funny ^_________^<3<3<3

So yeah, Rafael Nadal won yet another title, the Barcelona Open. He beat Guillermo Canas of Argentina 6-3 6-4. The most amazing thing is that this is his 3rd straight Barcelona Open title and he has extended the record of most successive claycourt wins to 72!! Isn't he just amazing???!!!So I renewed my domain and domain name today. They fixed the problem. I don't know why they did that....but at least it's fixed. Now I'm just waiting for my magazines ;____; I hope they aren't lost somewhere!!~

PS. Do you guys know what a blogroll is?? I am still getting used to my new version of's asking me if I want to add any links to my blogroll...any idea??