I have to renew my domain + domain name. It will expire in two days. I tried renewing everything a couple of days ago and I noticed that they had charged me $435! I hadn't even tried renewing anything yet. I'm so pissed off....Ohh and I ordered two magazines about a month ago and I haven't received them yet. They shipped on the 1st...and it's almost been a month. UGHHHH!!

I am at home. My sister is at a party. I'm not much of a "going-out" person. I like to stay home during the weekends or go to the movies. Today I was re-reading some of my shoujo mangas. It's been a while since I read one...I still read Naruto and stuff like that...but I haven't read anything girly~ All the girls in those stories are so lucky...::sigh::

The other day I updated my wordpress...and everything is so different. I can't seem to get used to it. I feel like there are too many features...or just doesn't feel right! I changed it since the old version wasn't letting me edit the time stamp...Now the time stamp displays the correct time, but now everything is so different!